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The Inflammation Society is a self-governing Fellowship of distinguished scientists, practitioners and operators, drawn from all areas of science and business with an interest in inflammation and its study.

The Society’s fundamental purpose is to recognise, promote, and support research and education on the field of inflammation, and to spread information for a broader and wider understanding of this biological mechanism and its importance for individuals and society.

A major activity of the Society is identifying and supporting the work of outstanding scientists, researchers and innovators.

The Society facilitates interaction and communication among its members via its discussion meetings, and disseminates scientific advances through its publications and other activities.

The Inflammation Society welcomes interest and applications from people of all nationalities, and endeavours to develop partnerships between researchers from all over the world, as well as bring together policy makers, scientists and businessmen from many different nations.

The Inflammation Society has different levels of membership, to accomodate all possible parties that are interested into and can contribute to its life and activities:

  • Fellows: are full voting members of the IS: professionals, practitioners and scholars of distinction, who each have brought a strong contribution to the study of inflammation and/or the connected fields of business. They elect the Directors of the Society and collegially decide on all major issues of policy and organisation.
  • Associates: fully partecipate to the life of the society and have access to its resources and knowledge. They include people with many different occupations and interests, but who all share the desire to understand more about inflammation and its impact on human life.
  • Student Associates: students from universities or other higher education institutions enjoy a substantial discount on Society fees.
  • Sponsors: are companies and other entities public and private that want to partecipate to the life of the IS and support its activities; they can nominate a number of their employees as associates.